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Helix Gallery

Two Helix projects created by Lyle London at Art In Metal are featured below. One is installed in the Renown Health Care Tahoe Tower lobby and the other was installed at the Illinois Wesleyan School of Art in 2011.

Renown Health Helix

In the Renown Health Helix Gallery sections below, you can see the progress of a sculpture project, from the Design & Engineering phases through the Fabrication & Installation processes. The completed Helix works are located at Renown Health Care Tahoe Tower lobby in Reno, Nevada. Watch the Creation of Helix sculptures at Renown Health video.

Helix Design Helix Engineering Helix Fabrication Helix Installation Helix Completed

Visit the Renown Helix Gallery sections for more details:
Helix Design, Helix Engineering, Helix Fabrication, Helix Installation, Helix Completed and Helix Sculpture.

Illinois Wesleyan University Helix

This Triple Helix was installed at the Illinois Wesleyan School of Art in Bloomington, Ilinois in 2011. Watch the videos embedded below, or on YouTube: IWU Helix Motion Lighting and IWU Triple Helix.

Web galleries with more Helix photos:
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